More effectively market properties - Propertyware allows us to effectively market your properties at the click of a button, posting to our website and hundreds of other sites. 


Tenant screening - Propertyware tenant screening allows us to capture applications online, accept application fees electronically and screen prospects in real-time. we have the Nations largest online eviction, criminal and sex offender database, fully customizable application to fit your standards. Our online application technology allows applicants to apply directly from their smartphone, anywhere. 


Owners / Resident Portals - We have you covered, Tenant and owner portals provide secure, instant access to the information they need most, 24/7, with a convenient way to converse with our management staff

Owners - providing you real-time visibility into the performance of your investments.  

Tenants - Making life easier by offering a way to pay rent online, communicate with management staff, and submitting maintenance requests


Paid Faster and more Securely - Here at the Property emporium we feel our owners shouldn't have to wait for their money! When your tenant pays, you get paid! Your money is sent to your account within 24 to 48 hours.


Propertyware® Assest Protection plan - We offer our tenants a protection plan to reduce our owners risk of accidental tenat-caused damage that will avoid costly out-of-pocket expenses. The program provides $100,000 in coverage and up to $3,000 in loss of rents.


More Payment options - Online payments made through the tenant portal can decrease rent processing time by over 40% while giving tenants the freedom to pay anywhere, anytime and by practically any electronic means including bank account withdrawal via ACH, credit cards and debit cards. 


Best-in-class maintenance - When your tenants puts in workorders, our management staff have a "birds-eye" view and able to stay in control of every job from service request to complettion. Everything happens in a single system: no loose end, Nothing falling through the cracks so that our owners and tenants stay informed. 


Our Technology